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AMR leads to longer hospital stays, increased mortality, and higher medical costs

2.5 Million
The annual extra hospital days in the European Union (EU)4

€1.5 Million
Extra healthcare costs and productivity losses in the EU per year due to AMR4,5

The annual number of deaths in the EU that are caused by AMR4,5

Better Antibiotic Stewardship with GeneXpert®

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New EU One Health Action Plan Against Antimicrobial Resistance

The European Commission (EC) adopted a new One Health action plan against antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in June 2017. There are three key objectives to the plan:

  1. Make the EU a best practice region through better evidence, coordination, and surveillance
  2. Boost research, development and innovation in order to control the spread of AMR
  3. Shape the global agenda on AMR and the related risks

The EC recognizes that diagnostics are crucial for differentiating between bacterial and viral infections and identifying AMR, so that the most appropriate treatment can be given in a timely manner. Thus, the EC has stated that they will:

  • Support research into the development of new diagnostics tools in particular on-site tests in human and animals to guide practitioners regarding the use of antimicrobials
  • Support the use of IT solutions in developing tools for diagnosing human and animal infections
  • Encourage the uptake of diagnostics in medical and veterinary practice, e.g. through innovation procurement.

The full report can be viewed here.

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