Xpertise for Infinity

Intelligent process management with walkaway simplicity, real-time data management, LIS capability

Product Information

Walkaway Capability:

  • Load & Go capability

Intuitive User Interface:

  • Random access capability & Ease to Use software

Intelligent Process Management:

  • Optimized workload capability
    • Ensure no test expires while in the system
  • Optimized workflow capability
    • Load balancing to ensure all modules equally utilized

Speed, Accuracy & Simplicity:

  • End to End automation controls
  • Sample extraction, amplification, detection
  • Real-time data displays and result reporting of qualitative & quantitative assays.
  • Automated system performance checks & calibrations

Data Management:

  • Archiving
  • Logs & Reports
  • Window 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021

LIS Capability:

  • Standardized interface (ASTM or HL7)
  • Bi-directional communication enabling
    • Positive sample & patient ID
    • Optimized test order & result management
    • Reduction in transcription error, improves efficiencies
    • Enabling timely and effective patient information, helping to maximize clinical, financial and administrative benefits and outcomes

Ordering Info

Xpertise for Infinity

GeneXpert Infinity 48s & 80 System: Xpertise Software

Catalogue number XPERTISE_SWKIT_6.8

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<p>GeneXpert infinity-48 Capabilities</p>

GeneXpert infinity-48 Capabilities

Up to 2,074 test results in a mere 24 hour period. Less than 52 minutes time to first result. Less than 2 minutes sample prep time per test. With results like these, clinical healthcare is not only more efficient, it is also more effective. The GeneXpert Infinity System delivers rapid, actionable results to clinicians, fostering a seamless workflow to assist healthcare professionals make more informed patient care decisions.

The Infinity System has smart technology built-in - a fluid master scheduler that prioritizes test runs that meet your always dynamic workflow needs. Smart alerts that keep you informed, enabling walk-away capabilities. Bi-directional connectivity with your LIS and HIS networks, providing seamless communications flow of all incoming and outgoing test orders and results.

Product Information