BCR-ABL Ultra RUO Test

Xpert® BCR-ABL Ultra p190 (RUO)

Quantitative assay for the BCR-ABL minor breakpoint (p190) transcript. For Research Use Only (RUO). Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


The Need

Current testing options for BCR-ABL p190 are not only cumbersome, but also expensive and time consuming for the lab to implement because:

  • Available testing methods are complex and create inefficient laboratory workflows
  • No international scale has been established for p190 monitoring, so laboratories are dependent on ratios and must run laborious standard curves.


Leveraging Cepheid’s “lab in a cartridge” technology, the Xpert BCR-ABL p190 assay decreases workflow complexity and hands-on time by automating the entire testing process, delivering faster results.

Xpert BCR-ABL Ultra p190 is a quantitative assay for the BCR-ABL minor breakpoint (p190) transcripts that provides high assay sensitivity, standardization, and on-demand molecular results in about 2.5 hours. With minimal hands-on time and a streamlined workflow, Xpert BCR-ABL Ultra p190 eliminates the need for time consuming hands-on processes and enables researchers to run p190 testing in-house.

Ease of use

  • < 2.5 hours total testing process
  • Simply add treated blood sample and an off-board reagent to the Xpert® cartridge


  • Includes two internal controls
  • 4 mL input volume of whole blood supports high assay sensitivity for detection of low-level transcripts
The Impact
  • Clinical Researcher: Same day information
  • Laboratory: Flexibility and simplicity for a more streamlined workflow 

Move your lab forward

  • Decrease costs: Eliminates need for standard curve and replicate testing
  • Optimised lab organisation: Free up technician time for other lab services
  • Have Flexibilty: Process any number of samples, any day of the week, with a fixed cost per sample
  • Simple Reporting: Delivers information on concise one-page report
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Product Information

Xpert® BCR-ABL Ultra p190 (RUO) Brochure

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Xpert® BCR-ABL Ultra p190 (RUO) Safety Datasheet