GeneXpert® Systems

The GeneXpert System is available in a two, four, 16 module configuration with compact and scalable design options to grow with your testing needs.

Clinical and Operational Impact

Fully automated sample extraction, PCR amplication, and detection

Simple workflow with minimal hands-on time and walk away capabilities for unparalleled efficiency

Fast and accurate PCR results, with most test results in less than one hour

Laboratory information system (LIS) and electronic medical record (EMR) interface capabilities

Compact and scalable design options to grow with your testing needs

Closed cartridge technology reduces the risk of contamination and enables random-access, mix-and-match testing capabilities for optimal flexibility.

Now with 10-color technology

Enable broader multiplexing  and syndromic panel testing capabilities

Pave the way for an expanded testing menu and reduce cost by consolidating targeted and syndromic testing capabilities in a single platform

Product Information

Our GeneXpert® family of systems has set a new standard in workflow flexibility, 24/7 testing accuracy, and user-friendly design — delivered in a sleek and compact package.

The GeneXpert System is available in a two, four, or 16-module configuration. All have our proven GeneXpert module at their analytic heart, and use the same patented cartridge technology for every Xpert® test.

GeneXpert® II

width: 6.35"
height: 12.00"
depth: 11.70"

Ordering Info

GX-II - 2 module instrument with desktop computer

Catalogue number GXII-2-D-10C

GX-II - 2 module instrument with laptop computer

Catalogue number GXII-2-L-10C

GeneXpert® IV

width: 11.00"
height: 12.00"
depth: 11.70"

Ordering Info
GX-IV - 4 module instrument with desktop computer

Catalogue number GXIV-4-D-10C

GX-IV - 4 module instrument with laptop computer

Catalogue number GXIV-4-L-10C

GeneXpert® XVI

width: 22.75"
height: 25.80"
depth: 13.25"

Ordering Info

GX-XVI - 16 module instrument with desktop computer

Catalogue number GXXVI-16-D-10C

GX-XVI - 16 module instrument with laptop computer

Catalogue number GXXVI-16-L-10C

Educational Materials


Meet our Game-Changing Platform

With over 36,000 installed systems worldwide, the GeneXpert System is the most popular sample-to-answer PCR testing system. See how it’s helping clinicians everywhere make a more positive impact.

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RDT+ASP: How New Rapid Diagnostics are Supercharging Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs



Bringing Molecular Testing Closer to the Patient

Over the past 20 years, there has been a continuous shift toward the decentralization of clinical laboratory testing. With recent advances in the speed and accuracy of point-of-care tests, it is now possible to bring molecular infectious disease testing closer to the patient. This webinar explores the benefits of molecular point-of-care testing as a means of improving patient outcomes and quality of care. Currently available testing methods are reviewed, with an emphasis on the importance of lab testing in the era of performance-driven healthcare.


imagine playing Monopoly but with

more powerful playing pieces imagine clue but

set in the future now imagine a

molecular lab in your very own office

they're all game changers but only the

molecular lab is real meets Fe it's Jean

expert it's the number one molecular

diagnostic testing platform in the world

and it's now available for your facility

it's fast accurate and best of all easy

to use so what's in the box

Sethi its tech packages an entire

molecular lab into a compact

self-contained cartridge which

completely eliminates the need for clean

rooms large workspaces or specialized

environmental requirements there's also

the game-changing fact that your most

urgent clinical testing needs can now be

achieved with a system that delivers

best-in-class PCR results it couldn't be

simpler with a sample in answer out

operating style the gene expert system

is also scalable so regardless of your

volume requirements it can accommodate

any workflow as your needs change simply

select a box size and add modules as

needed and did we mention how easy it is

to use with a near solid state design

maintenance requirements are minimal and

the patented closed cartridge tech makes

contamination concerns a thing of the


plus there's the workflow you'll be

amazed at how simple reference lab

quality results are we're talking

same-day diagnosis and treatment but the

benefits don't stop there with a gene

expert in your office you can help

improve patient outcomes and support

community health Sofia has the

industry's largest available menu and

the most aggressive test development


the FDA has clear tests within the

sexual health and infectious disease

portfolios to include chlamydia

gonorrhea Group B Strep

blue RSV and C difficile with a lot more

expected by 2020 so what's stopping you

bringing the industry's biggest

game-changer right into your office

Safiye its gene expert head to sofia

calm and find out how you can request

your own demonstration