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Every time a microorganism becomes resistant to an antibiotic, we lose another vital weapon in the war against infection. Newly resistant microorganisms are emerging—and spreading globally—every day. The result: antimicrobial resistance (AMR). In the very near future, we may be left without any drugs at all to fight serious, resistant infections.7

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) leads to longer hospital stays, increased mortality, and higher medical costs.

AMR is one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity, with misuse and overuse of antimicrobials being the main drivers in the development of drug-resistant pathogens. In addition to death and disability, prolonged illness results in longer hospital stays and financial challenges for those impacted.1

Why AMR Matters:

2.8 Million
infections annually1

deaths annually in the U.S.2

4.6 Billion
in extra healthcare costs3

Relationship to Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)4,5


HAIs are frequently caused by drug-resistant bacteria. HAIs can:

1 in 3
bacteria associated with HAIs are resistant to antibiotics4

4.5 Million
annual number of patients with at least one HAI5

1 in 15
number of patients on any given day with at least one HAI4

Everyone is at Risk6


Some, however, are high-risk and disproportionally impacted:

Patients undergoing cancer therapy

Patients with weakened immune systems

Patients undergoing dialysis

Patients undergoing complex surgery

How We Can Build Better Antibiotic Stewardship with the GeneXpert® System

With on-demand molecular diagnostics, today’s healthcare providers are able to quickly identify whether an infection is present and if it is drug-resistant, in minutes, rather than days. Cepheid’s GeneXpert® system helps those on the frontlines of resistance prevent the inappropriate use of antimicrobials and preserve our antibiotic weapons―now and in the future. For more information, download our antimicrobial stewardship brochure.


Download AMR Infographic Brochure

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