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The GeneXpert® system from Cepheid enables standardized, central-lab quality molecular diagnostic testing at the point-of-care to:

Accelerate clinical trial enrollment by brining the test to trial sites

• Reach diverse populations through a point-of-need test-and-treat program

• Improve accessibility of companion and complementary diagnostics

Cepheid has Partnered with Pharma to Support Clinical Trials Worldwide for over a decade(1)

Cepheid's Statistics For Clinical Trial and Test and Treat Programs Since 2020 Include:*



Why do Pharma Sponsors Choose Cepheid?

Accurate results sponsors and trial sites can rely on.

Speed and efficiency with on-demand answers WHEN they are needed most to accelerate patient recruitment and enrollment

Simplicity - a solution that is easy to learn, adopt, and operate across a variety of settings and users

A flexible delivery platform - the GeneXpert system and Xpert tests cartridges can deliever results WHERE they are needed, from the central lab to remote trial sites to mobile testing

• Quality of text design - a proven track record of delivering quality across a broad menu of test products. Experience matters.

• Global operational and regulatory expertise supports patient enrollment worldwide

The Preferred Simple, and Real-time Diagnostic Solution for Clinical Trials

The GeneXpert system is a point-of-care molecular diagnostic solution, automating the complex, manual steps of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), while combining fast turnaround times with simple workflows for real-time PCR results.


Testing as simple as 1, 2, 3

Improve Patient Outcomes with a Test-and-Treat Program

Xpert® tests provide medically actionable information for patients to receive same-day treatment


The Xpert Cartridge

Sample extraction, PCR amplification, and detection are all carried out within this lab in a cartridgeTM

All Xpert tests can run on any GeneXpert system, providing random access to 2-80 tests simultaneously–no need for batching.


Comprehensive PCR Menu

The GeneXpert® family of systems can run any of Cepheid's 34 CE-IVD and 22 US-IVD tests to provide accurate, high-quality, real-time PCR results.


GeneXpert Family of Systems

Available in two, four, 16, 48, or 80-module configurations, the GeneXpert platform is
both standardized and scalable across the clinical trial continuum — from central labs to remote trial sites to mobile testing.

GX Family of Systems

US-IVD. In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device.

CE-IVD. In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device. May not be available in all countries.

*data retrieved from internal Cepheid reports.

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