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ResistancePlus® MG FleXible*

M. genitalium + macrolide resistance detection

<em>ResistancePlus</em><sup>®</sup> MG FleXible*

The Need

M. genitalium is a recognised Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), treated syndromically, with clinical presentation similar to that of Chlamydia trachomatis.1

Prevalence of M. genitalium infections in the general population ranges from 1-4%2, and its treatment is challenging due to high levels of macrolide resistance.5

  • Macrolide resistance testing is recommended by international and local guidelines on management of M. genitalium infections.3,4,6-8
  • Macrolide resistance testing can guide appropriate treatment choice enabling Resistance Guided Therapy.6
  • Resistance Guided Therapy is clinically demonstrated to improve patient cure rate and overall patient management.9
  • Fast detection of macrolide resistance can reduce time to cure, preventing ongoing transmission.9

The Solution

  • ResistancePlus® MG FleXible detects both M. genitalium and macrolide resistance in ~ 2 hours.
  • ResistancePlus® MG FleXible offers a fast and simple solution in combination with GeneXpert®Systems. Easily implemented into your existing workflow or setting, with minimal preparation time ~ 10 mins.
  • High performance test validates a wide range of specimen types and collection devices, including urine and swabs (vaginal, cervical, rectal).**

The Impact

Improving patient management

ResistancePlus® MG FleXible provides therapeutic guidance recommendations, enabling clinicians to make informed treatment decisions. Resistance guided therapy is clinically demonstrated to increase overall patient cure rate.9

ResistancePlus® MG FleXible is validated on a wide range of sample types including rectal, male and female urine, and common collection swab kits including Xpert® CT/NGVaginal/Endocervical Specimen Collection kit and Xpert® CT/NG Urine Specimen Collection Kit.**

CE-IVD in Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device. Not available in all countries.
*Exclusively distributed by Cepheid under the FleXible by GeneXpert® System program
**Validated specimens: male and female urine, vaginal swab, cervical swab, rectal swab, urethral swab, from symptomatic and asymptomatic patients. Validated collection kits: Xpert® Vaginal/Endocervical and Xpert® Urine  Specimen Collection Kits, Neat urine, Regular FLOQSwab™ in 3 ml of UTM™  media, cobas PCR collection media. For details refer to the ResistancePlus® MG FleXible Instructions For Use (IF-IV0012)

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ResistancePlus® MG FleXible tests are developed and manufactured by SpeeDx Pty Ltd, Sydney. PlexPCR® & ResistancePlus® are trademarks of SpeeDx Pty Ltd. Other copyright and trademarks are the property of the respective owners. SpeeDx Pty Ltd products may be covered by one or more local or foreign patents. Visit for comprehensive patent information

Ordering Info

ResistancePlus® MG FleXible*

10 tests

Catalog #: S2A-2000410

ResistancePlus® MG FleXible*

10 tests

Catalog #: S2A-95004

ResistancePlus® MG FleXible*

Xpert Vaginal/Endocervical Specimen Collection kits – 50 ready-to-use individual kits

Catalog #: SWAB/A-50, SWAB/G-50

ResistancePlus® MG FleXible*

50 Ready-To-Use Individual Kits

Catalog #: URINE/A-50
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