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Xpert® MRSA NxG

Active MRSA surveillance testing in about an hour

Xpert<sup>®</sup> MRSA NxG

The Need

Control of MRSA in healthcare settings requires rapid and accurate tests to detect colonized patients.

  • Approximately 171,200 healthcare-associated MRSA infections are acquired annually in the European Union (EU), resulting in 5,400 attributable deaths, more than 1 million excess days of hospitalization and € 380 million in excess in-hospital costs1
  • Between 2 and 53 million people are estimated to carry MRSA worldwide2
  • The average length of stay (LOS) for all MRSA patients in the EU is 11.5 days with an average attributable cost of €7,478 per patient3

The Solution

Xpert® MRSA NxG is an accurate, fast, on-demand PCR test that will help to:

  • Optimize the effectiveness of your infection control program and guide the judicious use of barrier precautions
  • Guide decolonization practices that reduce infection rates and decrease MRSA transmission
  • Help decrease LOS and improve patient and bed management
  • Help reduce infection control costs by limiting unnecessary use of isolation rooms and improve clinical outcomes
  • Detect the presence of MRSA by targeting both the orfX SCCmec junction and the mecA or mecC genes for a more accurate MRSA detection
  • Improve antibiotic stewardship by avoiding unnecessary

The Impact

Xpert MRSA NxG is an accurate, fast, on-demand PCR test that provides actionable results in about an hour.

Shift your lab from reactive to proactive

  • Rapidly identify MRSA colonized patients that require contact precautions to reduce the risk of transmission and avoid costly outbreaks
  • Improve overall patient safety by reducing the risk of MRSA infection

According to a published German study, implementation of a rapid MRSA screening surveillance program can achieve the following results4

  • Decreased infection rate 50%
  • Reduced cost 58%
  • Total hospital savings € 408,894 in average per year

(1) Köck R, et al. Systematic Literature Analysis and Review of Targeted Preventive Measures to Limit Healthcare-Associated Infections by Meticillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. Euro Surveill. 2014 Jul 24;19(29):20860.
(2) Grundmann H, et al. Emergence and resurgence of meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus as a public-health threat. Lancet. 2006 Sep 2;368(9538):874-85.
(3) Macedo-Viñas M, et al. Burden of Meticillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Infections at a Swiss University Hospital: Excess Length of Stay and Costs. J Hosp Infect. 2013 Jun;84(2):132-7.
(4) Walter M, et al. Investment in Rapid on Demand Screening for MRSA and Immediate Isolation of MRSA Positive Patients Reduces Overall Hospital Costs in a German Emergency Hospital. Poster presented at EAHM. 2013 Nov 28-29. Luxembourg.

Ordering Info

Xpert® MRSA NxG

Number of Tests: 120

Catalog #: GXMRSA-NXG-CE-120

Xpert® MRSA NxG

Number of Tests: 10

Catalog #: GXMRSA-NXG-CE-10

Xpert® MRSA NxG

Number of Swabs: 50

Catalog #: 900-0370

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