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Xpert® C. difficile BT

Detection of Clostridium difficile infection with an independent call-out of binary toxin and differentiation of the 027 strain in under an hour

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Xpert<sup>®</sup> <em>C. difficile</em> BT

The Need

C. difficile infections (CDI) have been increasing in incidence and severity, and are associated with an increase in length of hospital stay, costs, morbidity and mortality.1

  • Highly virulent (027-NAP1-BI) strains have caused outbreaks of severe disease in Europe and North America — with mortality rates above 50%2
  • Binary toxin (BT) may be important because of:
    • Links to both disease severity and outcome3,4
    • Strains, such as 033, are positive only for binary toxin and not toxins A and B yet have been reported to cause CDI5,6
    • Incremental costs associated with C. difficile infection7

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The Solution

Xpert C. difficile BT detects the presence of toxin-producing Clostridium difficile in 47 minutes. Detection of three targets: toxin B (tcdB), binary toxin (cdtA), and a tcdC deletion at nucleotide 117, offers presumptive identification of the 027/NAP/BI epidemic strain and an independent call-out of binary toxin results. This new solution delivers both speed and accuracy, and eliminates the need for additional testing.

CDI has become a substantive and growing burden in hospitalized patients prompting the need for earlier and accurate detection. The impact of Cepheid’s Xpert C. difficile BT test can be significant: with 47-minute detection, clinicians can now initiate therapy and appropriate infection prevention and control measures sooner, supporting better patient management.

The Impact

With Xpert C. difficile BT:

  • Clinicians can promptly administer therapy to support improved patient outcomes
  • Timely infection control initiatives can be implemented to reduce spread of infection within an institution8
  • Speed and accuracy eliminate the need for additional testing
  • Identify the presence of the gene encoding binary toxin, which has been linked with increased disease severity and poorer patient outcomes
  • Detect strains of C. difficile that only produce binary toxin, which may still be associated with CDI

8) National Prevalence Study of Clostridium difficile in U.S. Healthcare Facilities.

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Xpert® C. difficile BT

Number of Tests: 10


Xpert® C. difficile BT

Number per Pack: 120

Catalog #: SDPS-120

Xpert® C. difficile BT

Number of Swabs: 50

Catalog #: 900-0370
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