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Four Core Actions to Fight Infections & Antimicrobial Resistance


Preventing the Spread


Tracking Resistant Bacteria


Improving Antibiotic Prescribing and Stewardship


Developing Advanced Diagnostics & New Antibiotics

Impact of Rapid Diagnostics

Shortened hospital length of stay by 2.5 days3

Decreased lethal bloodstream infections in patients by 36%3

Reduced time to effective therapy by 5 hours3

Impact Briefs

Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center improves adherence to optimized testing protocols for C. difficile resulting in lower C. difficile rates and decreased patient time in isolation.

The Federation of Infection Societies Annual Conference at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham was the venue for the symposium Fighting the challenge of CPE, which took a look at one hospital’s approach to addressing the challenges posed by carbapenamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE).

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s in Grand Rapids, MI reduces time to result and improves treatment accuracy through the use of Xpert® CT/NG and antimicrobial stewardship interventions.

Millard Henry Clinic (MHC) improves treatment accuracy through the use of Xpert® Xpress Flu/RSV and antimicrobial stewardship interventions while maintaining efficient patient flow during a very busy flu season.


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