Xpert® HIV-1 Viral Load
Dual Target Detection for Extended Coverage and Superior Performance
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The Need

The World Health Organization estimated that 38 million people worldwide were living with HIV at the end of 2019.1
Today, measurement of blood plasma HIV-1 RNA concentration (known as HIV viral load) using nucleic
acid- based molecular diagnostic assays has been established as the standard of care in assessing
HIV-positive patient prognosis and response to antiretroviral therapy. Assessment of viral load levels
is a strong predictor of the rate of disease progression and, by itself or in combination with CD4 T-cell counts, has great prognostic value.2-7
The need for a rapid HIV viral load test with flexibility to adapt to any throughput requirements and random access for urgent samples is greater than ever because each individual patient deserves better care.
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(2) Katzenstein DA, et all. The relation of virologic and immunologic markers to clinical outcomes after nucleoside therapy in HIV-infected adults with 200 to 500 CD4 cells per cubic millimeter. AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study 175 Virology Study Team. N Engl J Med. 1996 Oct 10;335(15):1091-8.
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(7)Saag MS, et al. HIV viral load markers in clinical practice. Nat Med. 1996 Jun;2(6):625-9.

The Solution

Xpert HIV-1 Viral Load is a quantitative test that provides on-demand molecular testing.
Based on the GeneXpert® technology, Xpert HIV-1 Viral Load automates the test process including RNA extraction, purification, reverse transcription and cDNA real time quantitation in one fully integrated cartridge.
Redefining Simple:
  • Run daily or on-demand
  • No requirements for PCR room settings
  • No daily maintenance or liquid waste management
  • 91 minutes run time with a viral load trend report*
  • No batch, no delay
  • Minimal hands-on time
  • Compatible with any lab volume
  • Providing up to 403 viral load results per 8 hours^
  • Random access 24/7 availability
  • Run multiple different tests on the same platform at any time
  • Quantification standards run in every test for fixed cost per reportable result independent of daily volume
* Trend report available for patients'™ viral load measured multiple times on the same GeneXpert.
^ Operational throughput on Infinity-80; internal analysis.

The Impact

  • Increase Efficiency: Simplified workflow and on demand testing reduces hands-on time
  • Improve Patient Care: Rapid results enable earlier adjustments to appropriate therapy
  • Better for patients: Same day results and treatment decisions reduces anxiety and time for clinical appointments

Move Your Lab Forward

  • No Waiting: Run any test any time with 24/7 random access
  • Simple & Organised: True 24/7 random access accommodates other urgent test requests
  • Flexible: Adapt to any throughput requirement
  • Improve Sample Processing: Speed up results turn around time to meet clinical need and deliver better service


Not available in all countries. New assay version Xpert HIV-1 Viral Load XC is available in the European Union and the countries accepting the CE-mark registration only (link to new product page). For other countries where product registration is on-going, Xpert HIV-1 Viral Load assay is available.Please reach out to your Local Cepheid Representative for more information regarding the availability of the new product.