The PCRplus Advantage Checklist


  • Accurate results clinicians and patients can rely on.

  • Speed & efficiency to deliver on-demand answers WHEN they are needed most.

  • A flexible delivery platform – like the GeneXpert® system and Xpert® test cartridges – that can deliver those results WHERE they are needed, from the lab to the point of care.

  • Quality of test design – a proven track record of delivering quality across a broad menu of test products. Experience matters.

  • Simplicity –  a solution that is easy to learn, adopt, and operate across a variety of settings and users.

David Persing, M.D., Ph.D., Executive Vice President, and Chief Medical and Scientific Officer at Cepheid Discusses the 5 PCRplus Advantages

What Does a PCRplus Solution Look Like?

1 Platform + 31 CE-IVD Tests
that combine:

+ Accuracy

+ Speed

+ Flexibility

+ Quality

+ Simplicity