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Our concerns are the same as yours. Early and effective action against infections. Better care. Better quality of life for patients. Better, healthier communities. And the best testing options, everywhere you need them ― so you can make the right decisions, fast. That’s why our broad offering of easy-to-use tests, systems, and resources are created with you and your patients’ needs in mind.

A Better Way For You

Emergency Clinicians

When Emergency Clinicians like you need answers, you need them now. We’ve designed our molecular point-of-care system to deliver the most accurate results right when you need them – to help you stay ahead of urgent, life-threatening patient challenges. triage patients faster, and help improve critical quality metrics. 

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Alternate Site & Point of Care Manager

As a point-of-care manager, you're working to help provide better outcomes to patients from all over your community. We know you need the highest confidence in your test results to improve patient satisfaction, lower the rate of unnecessary antibiotic use, and limit the number of times your patients need to return. Cepheid delivers accurate results quickly, which means access to testing options that can be used in almost any setting.

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Infection Prevention Specialist

Infection prevention specialists like you work tirelessly to help stop infectious agents before they reach other members of your community. Cepheid’s solutions, such as our comprehensive HAI menu, help you take early action against infectious illnesses, streamline the use of contact precautions, and improve quality metrics in your facility.

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Antimicrobial Stewards, Pharmacists, Microbiologists

Pharmacists, microbiologists, and antimicrobial stewards work on the front lines in the fight against antimicrobial resistance. Our on-demand PCR testing solutions help improve antimicrobial stewardship, reduce unnecessary therapy costs, and minimize follow-up visits by optimizing treatment early – all of which lead to better patient outcomes.

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* For CLIA Waived testing.

Better Testing For Everyone. Everywhere.

Every person around the world deserves easier, faster solutions to tackle today’s health challenges.

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Faster Access To Better Quality Results

Discover how speed and ease-of-use in testing can help you get lab-quality results wherever you — or your office ― may be.
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Become a Steward of Better Care.

It’s not easy to stay ahead of antibiotic resistance. Here’s how today’s HCPs are changing the game by keeping resistance at bay. 

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