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Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

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Cepheid C360

How Insights Become Action

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Cepheid C360 aggregates data from GeneXpert systems and Xpert® tests across the healthcare continuum, optimizing system uptime, enriching disease surveillance, and streamlining remote support

System Monitoring and Reporting

Track and optimize instrument utilization and performance

Detect, analyze, and correct problems before they arise

  • Real-time visibility across multiple instruments
  • Support centralized and decentralized testing environments
  • Maximize instrument uptime
  • Help manage decentralized, distributed ecosystems of GeneXpert systems

Performance Metrics Include:

Error codes, disabled/failed modules, instrument location, software versions

Disease State Surveillance and Reporting

Detect infectious disease trends from connected GeneXpert systems and Xpert tests through a single web portal

  • Map disease progression by epidemiological trends
  • Inform disease prevention, control, and resource allocation strategies
  • Achieve real-time visibility across multiple sites
  • Identify and monitor at-risk populations and geographic areas
  • Streamline surveillance notifications and alerts

Trend Reporting Includes:

Prevalence incidence, resistance and percentage positivity rates

Cepheid C360 empowers efficient, proactive management of GeneXpert ecosystems

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