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Our concerns are the same as yours: Early and effective action against disease. Better care. Standardizing tests across the care continuum. Accuracy. Better quality of life for patients. Healthier communities. And helping you continue to design more cost-effective ways to tackle even the most challenging testing needs. It’s why we’ve designed a single platform to help your organization do much more.

A Better Way For You

Hospital & Health Systems Executives

You need a technology partner that can help improve your business and patient outcomes. Both inside and outside the hospital, we’ve designed solutions with speed, accuracy and patient care in mind. Discover how our single platform can solve for many sites' capabilities, disease types and testing needs.

Better Testing For Everyone. Everywhere.

Every person around the world deserves easier, faster solutions to tackle today's health challenges. 
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Faster Access To Better Quality Results

Discover how speed and ease-of-use can help you get lab-quality results wherever you – or your practice – may be.

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A Comprehensive Menu. Designed to Scale.

With a flexible testing platform and 31 CE-IVD-cleared tests, Cepheid is the ideal diagnostic partner for faster clinical decision making
in any setting. 

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Front View Image of GeneXpert Family of Systems: GeneXpert II, GeneXpert IV and GeneXpert XVI

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Our GeneXpert® family of systems have set a new standard in workflow flexibility, 24/7 testing accuracy, and user-friendly design — delivered in an astonishingly beautiful and compact package.

HAI & Other Infectious Diseases

HAI & Other Infectious Diseases

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