GX Dx Software

GX Dx Software

The power of the GeneXpert Systems is enhanced.

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  • Intuitive User Interface:

    • Random access capability
    • Optimized workload capability

    Speed, Accuracy & Simplicity:

    • Sample extraction, amplification, detection
    • Real-time data displays and result reporting of qualitative & quantitative assays.
    • Automated system performance checks & calibrations

    Data Management:

    • Archiving
    • Logs & Reports

    Windows 7
    Windows 10

    LIS Capability:

    • Standardized interface (ASTM or HL7)
    • Bi-directional communication enabling
      - Positive sample & patient ID
      - Optimized test order & result management
      - Reduction in transcription error, improves efficiencies
      - Enabling timely and effective patient information, helping to maximize clinical, financial and administrative benefits and outcomes

    • Cepheid - Our Vision for a Better Way
    • Catalog #:

      GeneXpert Dx 4.7b Software

    • How can I place an order?

      Submit your request using our

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      1.888.838.3222, select option 1.

    • Can I backup my data?

      Yes, individual runs can be archived and retrieved or the entire database can be backed up. The user must have administrator rights to backup the database.

    • What is the capacity of the database?
    • Can I work on my Power Point presentation while a run is in progress?
    • If I delete a run or copy over the database is there anyway to recover the data?

      No, unless the run was archived or the database was backed up.

    • If I forget to turn the optics on in the protocol is there anyway to recover the optical data after the run is complete?

      No, the software will give a warning message if a protocol is saved without an optical read. If this message is ignored no optical data will be collected.

    • Software is very slow switching between screens.

      Check that the Norton Anti-Virus Auto-Protect feature is disabled.

    • When I try to analyze previous runs while the instrument is in use the software seems slower.