Xpert C. difficile/Epi

Xpert® C. difficile/Epi

45-minute Detection & Differentiation of Clostridium difficile & the Epidemic 027 Strain.

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  • Identify. Differentiate. Prevent.

    The epidemic strain of Clostridium difficile (027/NAP1/BI) is known to produce a significantly higher number of C. difficile spores and toxins. The epidemic strain has also been identified as a cause of hospital outbreaks worldwide. Healthcare professionals can now be informed on the epidemic C. difficile strain and make appropriate infection control decisions.

    Xpert® C. difficile/Epi — Identify. Differentiate. Prevent.

    The Need

    Numerous outbreaks caused by the epidemic strain of C. difficile (027/NAP1/BI strain) highlight the need for rapid and accurate differentiation of C. difficile 027/NAP1/BI strains in order to stay ahead of an outbreak.

    • Higher risk of cross contamination with 027/NAP1/BI strain due to more efficient sporulation1,2,3
    • 027/NAP1/BI strain has been identified as a cause of outbreaks around the world4,5,6,7,8
    • Incremental costs due to C. difficile infection can be as high as $7,1799 per patient

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    The Solution

    Xpert C. difficile/Epi is the first commercially available test in the world to detect and differentiate the epidemic strain of C. difficile (027/NAP1/BI). With rapid and accurate identification of epidemic strain, Infection Control professional can stay ahead of potential outbreak situation.

    • Innovative multiplex design enables detection of C. difficile Infection (CDI) and 027/NAP1/BI strain call-out in a single cartridge
    • On-Demand testing of samples from suspected CDI patients provides
    • On-Demand epidemiological surveillance data clinicians can act on Monitoring and reporting of the epidemic strain enables clinicians to improve infection control efforts

    Cepheid's Xpert C. difficile/Epi test provides on-demand results you can trust and empowers your clinical team to better manage patients.

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