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Screening for VRE in less than one hour

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  • Effective prevention of healthcare-associated VRE infections begins with active surveillance programs that facilitate timely interventions to decrease the spread of VRE. Cepheid's Xpert®vanA/vanB delivers on-demand results in less than an hour, reducing the window for potential transmissions from days to minutes. Rapid intervention can prevent VRE transmissions - improving patient care and reducing costs for healthcare facilities.

    VRE: A growing concern

    The European Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System indicates that infection rates with vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) are increasing, particularly in countries with high MRSA prevalence.

    • The proportion of invasive vancomycin resistant E. faecium isolates reached 37% in Greece, 33% in Ireland, 29% in Portugal, 21% in the UK and 15% in Germany
    • The percentage of invasive vancomycin resistant E. faecalis was found to be more than 6% in Greece and more than 2% in Portugal, Ireland and the UK


    CDC, SHEA and WHO have put forward the following guidelines on how to reduce VRE infections:

    • Comprehensive surveillance for targeted Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms; especially for those at high risk
    • Judicious use of antibiotics
    • Application of infection control precautions during patient care
    • Education and training of healthcare personnel
    • Environmental cleanliness
    • Decolonization therapy when appropriate

    Important healthcare benefits of rapid screening:

    • Allows for an immediate identification of VRE carriers from non-carriers
    • Rapid implementation of barrier precaution
    • Early identification improves patient bed management
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