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Friday, December 23, 2016 Written by Cepheid

From the Editor

Welcome to the first issue of our new quarterly magazine, IMPACT. Cepheid’s Systems & Solutions team has created this publication with one primary goal — providing you with interesting and informative articles that can help you significantly impact total patient costs, create a higher level of patient satisfaction, and lower infection rates in your facility.

Over the past decade I have watched with great interest the increasing debate over the best methods to control the alarming growth in health care costs in the US and abroad. Many recent studies clarify that cutting reimbursements and percentage cost cutting, in general, do not work. In the September 2011 issue of Harvard Business Review, Kaplan and Porter wrote an excellent article titled How to Solve the Cost Crisis in Health Care. One of the key messages in this article is that in the health care industry "we are measuring the wrong things in the wrong way." The reality is that we cannot manage costs effectively until we measure costs effectively.

Cepheid’s Systems & Solutions team helps healthcare facilities analyze their costs more effectively utilizing methods such as LEAN, Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Activity Based Costing in the hospital — not solely in the lab. Our team has a large number of cost effectiveness studies completed with input from both customers and our internal team of specialists. In this magazine we will share articles, reports, and studies by GeneXpert® users illustrating the impact Cepheid’s "Rapid Turn-Around" technology has on work flow, patient flow, infection control, bed management, isolation practices and antibiotic stewardship.

The ease-of-use of Cepheid's GeneXpert Systems, combined with their unprecedented accuracy, sensitivity and specificity, allow you to explore new clinical pathways to improve the way patients are diagnosed and treated. With more than 2,500 GeneXpert Systems placed worldwide, we see more and more examples of centralized AND decentralized testing. Emergency rooms and Intensive Care Units are becoming great examples of how impactful GeneXpert technology can be. We hope these examples will help you find ways to significantly impact the total patient costs in your facility.