Xpert Check

Xpert Check

Verify the calibration of your module!

  • Your GeneXpert System provides rapid and accurate results, enabling clinical decisions that can positively impact patient outcomes. Now Xpert Check enables you to rapidly diagnose the health of your modules and at your convenience.

    • On-Demand – preventive maintenance on-site and at your convenience
    • Easy to Use – similar to running any GeneXpert test
    • Minimizes downtime – get your system back to work faster

    3 Fast Easy Steps to Calibration

    • Obtain your Xpert Check kit from Cepheid
    • Run your Xpert Check cartridge using the Xpert Check software
    • Submit your Xpert Check data to Cepheid and obtain your code via email confirmation
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    • Why Xpert Check?

      Xpert Check replaces Xpert® Calibration. Xpert Check enables Cepheid to move from calibration to an annual preventive maintenance (PM). The data collected supports a performance based calbiration process as opposed to time or cycle requirement. Xpert Check will be the tool to assess the overall health of a system. Calibration is no longer required until module performance requires it.

    • What materials will I need to perform Xpert Check driven preventive maintenance?

      For every 4 modules in your system, 1 kit is required to perform Xpert Check.

      • 5 Xpert Check Cartridges (1 Kit)
      • Software & Package Insert CD
      • Data CD (if offline feature is used)
    • What is required to get started?

      You need to order one (1) Xpert Check Kit per every four modules in your instrument. Cepheid recommends performing preventive maintenance using Xpert Check on all of your modules annually and at the same time.

    • How long is the Xpert Check preventive maintenance process?

      Less than 30 minutes per module. If online, the generation of the Xpert Check summary report immediate after the preventive maintenance is completed. If offline, after receipt of the confirmation code, the certificate is generated in less than 5 minutes.

    • Do I need to schedule preventive maintenance with my Cepheid Authorized Service Provider (ASP)?

      No, your Xpert Check kit empowers the user to perform preventive maintenance on all modules on site at your convenience.

    • Customer Support:

      For US: Order now at 1-888-838-3222 or Service.Calibration@cepheid.com; Ref XPERTCHECK-US-5
      For EU: Order now at +33 5 63 82 53 16; If you still have questions call +33 563 82 53 19; Ref XPERTCHECK-CE-5