Xpert® MTB/RIF

Two-hour detection of MTB and rifampin resistance mutations

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  • Because the MTB/RIF test can detect TB better than the smear, results from one or two MTB/RIF tests can be used in the decision to remove patients from isolation.”

    - FDA News Release FDA. New data shows test can help physicians remove patients with suspected TB from isolation earlier. Press Release. 2015 Feb 12. Accessed Feb 2015. http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm434226.htm

    Great challenges face the global community, including the United States, with the worldwide re-emergence of TB and increased number of multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) cases. The need for fast and accurate TB diagnosis with indication for the drug resistance is greater than ever.

    Current MTB diagnostics methods require weeks to deliver a definitive result. Delayed results reporting can lead to patients placed in respiratory isolation unnecessarily or put on ineffective therapies. AFB smear could provide faster turn-around time, but may be missing the true positive cases and patients may continue to spread MTB to others in the community, increasing the disease burden.

    Xpert MTB/RIF, on-demand molecular testing — an ideal solution:

    • On-demand results that empowers physicians to manage patients effectively
    • As few as one negative result can be used in the decision to remove patient from respiratory isolation
    • Simultaneous detection of both MTB and rifampin resistance mutations, which are markers for MDR-TB strain
    • Acceptable samples include raw or concentrated sediments prepared from induced or expectorated sputum

    Impact on Patient Isolation Pathway*

    * Refer to the Xpert MTB/RIF package insert for details
    ^ Example with one Xpert® MTB/RIF negative result
    # MOTT: Mycobacteria Other Than Tuberculosis; DST: Drug Susceptibly Test

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