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Friday, December 23, 2016 Written by Cepheid

From the Editor

Welcome to the second issue of our new magazine, IMPACT. Cepheid's Systems & Solutions group publishes this magazine quarterly — providing you with informative articles that can help you impact total cost of care, create a higher level of patient satisfaction, and lower infection rates in your facility.

First and foremost, thank you for the many positive and enthusiastic comments we received on the introduction of this magazine. We are happy to hear that IMPACT addresses the critical cost and clinical effectiveness issues you deal with on a day-to-day basis. New technologies often appear to be more costly at first glance. But, if introduced appropriately, many of these technologies prove to be significant cost savers and even revenue generators for the hospital. At the same time, many have a positive impact on clinical effectiveness and patient and staff satisfaction. There are many of these win-win situations and we are anxious to continue sharing them with you.

In this edition we have 2 new examples. The first is from Moses Cone Health System in North Carolina, where hospital management made a decision in 2010 to make it happen and invest aggressively to reduce their MRSA infection rates. The results are impressive. The second example comes from Dr. Jorge Parada, who illustrates how Loyola University Hospital in Chicago not only improved patient safety, BUT profitably succeeded in fighting two HAI's.

In both of these cases, the greatest barriers to success were the silos between the budgets of different hospital departments. These examples illustrate that the lab and the hospital need to look at the big picture and introduce the concept of "Total Cost of Care."

The lab's role is to provide results that medical professionals need in making appropriate clinical decisions. Our role, as an industry, is to develop the most effective diagnostic tools. If in the end both the patient and the hospital win — what would stop the introduction of new technologies?