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Friday, December 23, 2016 Written by Jared Tipton, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Cepheid

When Art Met Innovation

Cepheid delivers knock-out product launch

Motorcycles don’t usually figure into meeting room discussions on new product launches. But if Cepheid's success at this year's AACC (American Association of Clinical Chemistry) was any indication, perhaps they should. Cepheid's partnership with Paul Jr. Designs ( and the Discovery Channel quickly became the talk of the show for a number of reasons: it was unexpected, an industry first, and undeniably amazing.

What we're doing here today is bringing together two totally different projects that really highlight and complement one another with regard to leading edge creativity and overall innovation. We've taken the most innovative testing platform on the market and made it even more compelling with a smaller footprint, 21st century design aesthetics, and additional system configurations, ”

said Cepheid CEO John Bishop as the custom motorcycle and new GeneXpert® Systems were unveiled before Discovery Channel cameras and hundreds of show attendees.

Cepheid's "Art Meets Innovation" event was an out-of-the-box approach to the unveiling of Cepheid’s redesigned GeneXpert Systems and the introduction of the GeneXpert Infinity-80 System. To further highlight the new systems, Cepheid partnered with Paul Jr. Designs to create a custom motorcycle to be unveiled along with the new products. The event was filmed live for inclusion in a two-part episode of Discovery Channel's popular American Chopper show. The episodes aired this past October and continue to appear regularly on the Discovery Channel.

As the leading innovator in the Molecular Diagnostics market, we thought that it would be interesting and exciting to team with the leading innovator in creative design in his particular field through our engagement with Paul Jr. Designs. It’s an unexpected but perfect way to highlight our vision, innovation and creativity, associated with our new product offerings,”

continued Bishop.

The highly successful event generated plenty of industry buzz, captured in numerous post-show write-ups, including Robert Michel in his Dark Daily ( industry report:

Honors for the most spectacular new product launch must go to Cepheid. Because of advanced mailings to AACC attendees, and a clever marketing campaign, Cepheid attracted a big crowd at its booth on Tuesday morning as the exhibition opened. They were there to greet celebrity motorcycle designer Paul Teutul, Jr., and his team as they pulled the curtain away from their creation—a chopper themed around Cepheid's GeneXpert Systems and molecular diagnostic testing. Then the spotlight immediately turned to the unveiling of Cepheid’s new GeneXpert Infinity-80 system, which generated more enthusiasm.

We are exceptionally proud of this bike and what it represents for Cepheid and the molecular diagnostics industry. Cepheid’s products are literally saving lives with the most innovative technology available. The bike is a great tribute to Cepheid's products, people, and their collective mission of transforming healthcare with accurate, fast, and easy-to-use molecular diagnostics,”

said Paul Teutul Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Paul Jr. Designs.

Industry Analyst William Blair may have summed up things best in their post-show note:

The live taping of the segment for the show generated a crowd that was at least 20 deep all the way around Cepheid’s rather large booth. The event generated a buzz that lasted throughout the show as several checks throughout the two days we were on the floor showed a lot of activity at Cepheid. But it was not just the bike that brought the crowd, rather we think the steady booth traffic is indicative of the fact that Cepheid has developed a winning platform that resonates well with lab managers—even those who are not running molecular labs.

Today, the bike continues to be a part of Cepheid's marketing efforts. It is currently a part of the "Art Meets Innovation" road show, touring the country alongside the new GeneXpert Systems. It's a part of a program featuring notable industry speakers and hands-on system demonstrations for roadshow attendees — as well as a close-up view of the spectacular artistry built into the Cepheid bike.