Friday, December 23, 2016 Written by Cepheid

Just the Facts

U.S. health care costs currently exceed 17% of GDP and continue to rise. Other countries spend less of their GDP on health care but have the same increasing trend.*
*As reported by Robert S. Kaplan and Michael E. Porter in Sept. 2011 Harvard Business Review

Previously healthy children infected with the H1N1 influenza virus were 8 times more likely to die if they were also infected with MRSA, according to a new study conducted during the 2009 pandemic and published in the Nov. 7 issue of Pediatrics.

MRSA emerged into the world fifty years ago this October, and is now a major global epidemic and the most common cause of antimicrobial resistant pathogen healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in most U.S. healthcare facilities.

Cepheid's Systems & Solutions team helps healthcare facilities analyze their costs more effectively utilizing methods such as LEAN, Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Activity Based Costing in the hospital — not solely in the lab. Our team has a large number of cost effectiveness studies completed with input from both customers and our internal team of specialists. In this magazine we will share articles, reports and studies by GeneXpert® users illustrating the impact Cepheid's "Rapid Turn-Around" technology has on work flow, patient flow, infection control, bed management, isolation practices and antibiotic steward ship. I invite you to contact us if you would like one of our Systems and Solutions experts to help you explore your own cost-effectiveness study.”


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