Automated real-time PCR system. Available in 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, or 96 site configurations.

  • Up to 96 independently programmable reaction sites delivers maximum flexibility. Up to 96 different cycling protocols can be performed simultaneously in one system. Multiple experimental runs can be started at different times, allowing several operators to use the system concurrently.


    Rapid, precise heating and cooling of the reaction mixture to target temperatures significantly reduces cycling protocol times. The SmartCycler® System's combined fast thermal ramp rates and real-time detection greatly reduce the total time required to carry out an experiment. Additionally, the ability to perform multiple cycling protocols simultaneously, and to detect multiple targets in a single run, increases lab productivity.

    Real-time detection

    The SmartCycler System software optically monitors each reaction site as the fluorescent signals develop. Growth curves are displayed in real time as amplification occurs, and the presence of amplified product is confirmed when the fluorescent signal crosses a user-determined threshold.

    Multiplex capability

    Multiplex assays allow the detection of several targets within a single sample. The use of multiple fluorescent dyes permits detection of signal in up to four channels at one time on the SmartCycler system.

    Various detection chemistries can be used with the SmartCycler optics, including TaqMan® and Molecular Beacons probes, Amplifluor™ and Scorpion™ primers, and intercalating dyes.


    The modular nature of the SmartCycler System gives laboratories a great deal of flexibility to meet varying workload demands. System capacity can be easily and cost-effectively upgraded in multiples of 16 module units.

    • Cepheid - Our Vision for a Better Way
    • Smartcycler® Product Discontinuation FAQs

      1. Why are we discontinuing the Smartcycler®? What Smartcycler system products will be affected?

      • Due to increasing material and component part obsolescence, we have made the decision to discontinue the manufacture and sale of the following Smartcycler system products:

      Smartcycler instrumentation

      • All Smartcycler instrumentation units and component parts, including instrument system blocks and I-CORE modules.
      • All accessories identified for specific use with the Smartcycler system (including Smartcycler add-on processing blocks and module sets), excepting accessory products expressly identified for continued sale in the “Related Products and Accessories” paragraph of this notification.

      Smartcycler software

      • Smartcycler software (including all updates and/or upgrade kits) – no further software maintenance releases or bug fixes shall be offered.
      • Cepheid will no longer develop, repair, maintain or test the product software.

      Smartcycler Related Products and Accessories

      • Note: Question four (4) of the document outlines the products and accessories identified for continued sale.

      2. What are specific Smartcycler discontinued products that will be affected?

      • The following Smartcycler products are affected:

      Instrument Systems

      Part Number (Industrial)

      Part Number (Diagnostic)

      1 Block TD (Transportation Case)



      Add-On Processing Block



      1 Block Laptop



      2 Block Laptop



      Upgrade Kit (16 I-Core Modules)



      I-CORE Module




      3. When will the Smartcycler product discontinuation take effect?

      • Effective immediately, Cepheid will not accept or ship discontinued product orders in all global markets. All outstanding discontinued product orders currently in the system will be canceled.

      4. Will we continue to support the sale of Smartcycler-related diagnostic assays, reaction tubes, and accessories?

      • Yes. Cepheid will continue to sell Smartcycler-related diagnostic assays, reaction tubes, and the below-listed standalone accessories until December 31, 2018. Products may have limited availability for last time purchase. Orders will be confirmed based on availability.


      Part Number (Industrial)

      Part Number (Diagnostic)

      Operator’s Manual SC DX 3.0






      Tube Racks, 4 pack (300-0276)



      Tube Racks, 8 pack



      Cooling Block (700-0243)



      TD Case only




      5. Will current customers receive service and warranty?

      • For customers covered by an active Cepheid warranty or services agreement, we will endeavor to provide continued hardware support for those Discontinued Product(s) purchased directly from Cepheid until December 31, 2018 (subject to parts availability). Spares and replacement parts for hardware will not be available after December 31, 2018.

      6. When is the last date Cepheid will provide service and/or spare parts for customers currently under contract?

      • Spares or replacement parts for hardware will not be available after December 31, 2018.

      7. Will Cepheid renew or enter into any new Smartcycler service agreements?

      • Effective immediately, Cepheid will not renew or accept any new Smartcycler service agreements.

      8. Why are we not honoring maintenance commitments by third party distributors?

      • Due to increasing material and component part obsolescence, Cepheid cannot guarantee that all parts for the Smartcycler systems will be available. Delivery time for some parts may be longer than our typical delivery times, and if parts cannot be repaired (or are unavailable), Cepheid may be forced to stop supplying parts for the Smartcycler systems. Therefore, Cepheid is not responsible for any support or maintenance commitments made by any third parties.

      9. What are the end-of life milestones and dates?


      • Definition


      End-of-Sale Date

      The last date to order Discontinued Product(s) through Cepheid and its partners. The Discontinued Product(s) will no longer be available for sale after this date.


      Last Ship Date

      Cepheid will not ship Discontinued Product(s) after this date.


      Last Year Service Contract Buy

      Cepheid will not accept new service contract orders for Discontinued Product(s) after this date.


      Last Service Renewal

      Cepheid will not accept service contract renewal orders for Discontinued Product(s) after this date


      End of Software Maintenance Release Date

      The last date that Cepheid may release any final software maintenance releases or bug fixes. After this date, Cepheid will no longer develop, repair, maintain or test the product software


      End of Support

      The last date to receive applicable service and/or technical support for the Discontinued Product(s) as per Cepheid warranty or service contract terms and conditions. After this date, all support services for the Discontinued Product(s) are unavailable.