Ready-to-use, lyophilized universal PCR reagent bead

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  • The ready-to-use format of OmniMix HS simplifies assay preparation while adding flexibility. Larger quantities can be made by using multiple beads.

    Hot start functionality

    This "hot start" product utilizes a Taq-specific monoclonal antibody to minimize mis-priming and/or formation of primer-dimer before thermal cycling.

    • Complete: OmniMix™ HS contains all of the necessary reagents for PCR, except primers and probe or intercalating dye.
    • Fast: No additional time required for activation.
    • Specific: Reduction of nonspecific product can result in improved detection.

    Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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    • Catalog #:

      OmniMix HS-50
      Number of Reactions: 50