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  • Real-time PCR is a well-established method for the highly sensitive and specific detection of cells at extremely low levels. Gene sequences are amplified from very few copies. This assay can detect as few as 30 Bacillus anthracis spores in a sample.1 Cepheid's technologies enhance the capabilities of this powerful chemistry by employing a unique 4-color real-time PCR system.

    Rapid, reliable detection

    The Cepheid GeneXpert® System makes biothreat agent detection possible in minutes — all from unprepared samples. This easy-to-use, automated and highly accurate real-time PCR instrument combines the ingenuity of more than 30 patents into a sophisticated genetic tool for first responders.

    A patented, disposable, cartridge test for anthrax is available now, and can be performed on-site — delivering critical answers in critical situations.


    • Rapid turnaround time - results in less than 45 minutes vs. two days in culture-based testing
    • Can detect as few as 30 Bacillus anthracis spores in a United States Postal Service sample1
    • Designed for mobility - the GeneXpert System can be taken on-site for biothreat investigations
    • Ease of use makes the test simple to run for non-scientific personnel

    (1)Report of the IntraAgency Working Group of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, "Review of the United States Postal Service's Biohazard Detection System's Pilot Project" 200

    Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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    • Catalog #: 900-0320

      Buffer Bottles (10)
      Number of Reactions: 10

    • Catalog #: GXBA-100N-010

      Ba 4-Plex (Anthrax)
      Number of Reactions: 10

    • Catalog #: GXBA-100N-040

      Ba 4-Plex (Anthrax)
      Number of Reactions: 40

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