Xpert MRSA
  • The GeneXpert® System has taken the TAT of results from 2-3 days down to a few hours. Now we do not have to presumptively isolate patients. This has helped to reduce nursing labor, improve bed management and reduce isolation costs in the ICU."

    - Mary Jane Larmon RN, BSN, MBA

    The Need

    MRSA infections are costly.

    The human and financial impact of MRSA is high:

    • MRSA now accounts for greater than 60% of hospital-acquired S. aureus infections in the United States (2004)
    • Over 278,000 hospitalized persons are infected by MRSA annually
    • Over 17,000 MRSA-related hospitalizations end in death
    • Over $2.5 billion excess health care costs are attributable to MRSA infections

    The Solution

    Rapid Active MRSA Surveillance Testing and Infection Control

    • Reduction of healthcare-associated MRSA infections starts with active surveillance — Xpert® MRSA provides on-demand results in 66 minutes or less and has been proven to optimize effectiveness of infection control programs
    • Xpert MRSA provides on-demand results — rapid identification of colonized patients allows for immediate actions for improved patient outcomes and reduced LOS
    • Decreasing MRSA Transmissions and Surgical Site Infections: A Case Study
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    • Catalog #:

      Xpert MRSA-10
      Number of Tests: 10

    • Catalog #:

      Xpert MRSA-120
      Number of Tests: 120