Smart Norovirus

Smart Norovirus®

Rapid Detection of Norovirus GI & GII in convenient bead format

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  • Having all the reagents in one kit has simplified processing and eliminates the need to pipette small volumes and therefore potentially introduce operator error. The software that accompanies the new kit is also more user friendly, making it easier to distinguish between Genogroups. I feel that the new kit will make a positive impact on our laboratory testing.”

    - Kay Capaldi Chief BMS Virology, Medical Microbiology St. George's Healthcare NHS Trust

    The Need

    Noroviruses are increasingly recognized as one of the most important enteric pathogens and the most common cause of non-bacterial gastroenteritis. Currently available test methods are not sensitive or convenient enough for Norovirus detection.

    • EIA is not sensitive enough
    • Difficult to culture in the lab
    • Environmentally stable
    • Resistant to most cleaning agents
    • Causes outbreaks leading to temporary closures of affected institutions

    The Solution

    Rapid and accurate identification of Norovirus infection is a critical part of affective infection control. Cepheid's SmartNorovirus delivers both with convenience.

    • Result available in less than 3 hours
    • Easy to use bead format maximizes result consistency
    • Provides flexible testing capability
    • All reagents needed are included in the kit
    • Cepheid - Our Vision for a Better Way
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      Number of Tests: 40